At the Watford Injury Clinic, we see many clients who are based in St Albans. Our osteopaths, who are located in the Garston area of Watford, provide treatments for sporting injury, aches and pains. In addition to sports therapy, clients from St Albans can be treated for back, neck, age, growth and pregnancy-related pain through osteopathy.


We specialise in individual and team-related sports injury. The sports therapy we administer to our St Albans clients enables them to return to their chosen field sooner rather than later, without pain or the concern of further breakdowns.





We are a forward-thinking clinic and we keep up to speed with the latest technological breakthroughs and new practices in osteopathy, pathology, nutrition, physiology and biomechanics. Through medical acupuncture, we can stimulate the nervous system, generate serotonin release and ease the feeling of ‘knotted’ pain.


Cranial osteopathy is a more refined and subtle treatment that can release stress and tensions throughout the body. Many of our osteopathy clients in St Albans benefit from this technique. Sports therapy takes on many of the practices mentioned to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, prevent muscular injury and inspire relaxation.


Many of our visitors from St Albans come to the Watford Injury Clinic for help with these surprisingly common conditions. We can set up sportsmen or sportswomen with a program of rehabilitation and helpful advice to help them avoid recurring injuries in the future.


Within the field of sports therapy, our osteopaths work to the following principles:


  • The Body is a Unit
  • Body Structure Governs Function
  • The Body is a Medicine Chart
  • The Rule of Arteries Reigns


Call us to make an appointment at our osteopathic and sports injury clinic in Watford, which is located just 9 miles from St Albans. Our osteopaths will be only too glad to assist you and to discuss any problems you may have in detail.


St Albans patients can contact the Watford Injury Clinic on 01923 442596 to discuss osteopathy and sports therapy with a certificated professional.


Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 0DY


Telephone: 01923 442596

Mobile: 07833 685822

Email: info@osteosportsmed.co.uk

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