Sports Therapy in St Albans | The Benefits of Osteopathy

The athletes we treat from the St Albans area all compete at different levels so it’s important for our osteopaths to have a detailed understanding of body mechanics at different levels too. Osteopathy, as a form of sports therapy, enables a faster return to activity following aches, sprains and muscle overuse. It also reduce the potential for future sports injury – an important benefit, particularly for those who engage in sport frequently.


In the past, professionals regarded sports injury and sports therapy as issues and treatments separate to the overall working of the body, and only focused on the affected area. The Watford Injury Clinic, near St Albans, uses osteopathy to establish what may have caused a sports injury, and what might work best to prevent reoccurrences in the future.


In effect, osteopaths help the entire body to function as it should for the individual and for the sport the individual plays. As well as resolving sports injury and avoiding any long-term issues, osteopathy promotes enhanced performance as a natural consequence.


The Importance of Osteopathy for Sports Injury


Mark Rapa and the team at the Watford Injury Clinic use osteopathy to assist sportsmen and sportswomen from the St Albans area with a wide range of physical complaints, such as back pain, hip problems, recurrent muscular injuries and the symptoms of tennis elbow. Before recommending a form of sports therapy, osteopaths assess the injury and determine the most suitable techniques and treatments for the type of sport the patient plays.


The assessment includes an investigation of the following:

  • The posture and condition of the affected muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • A further appraisal of the rest of the body as a single dynamic machine
  • The strength and flexibility of the bones and the skin tissues
  • The adaptability of potential sports therapy treatments for the problem


Whereas doctors primarily focus on the injured area, osteopaths assess interaction of all tissues comprising the body’s structure, and establish the differences between normal and abnormal functionality. This helps to recognise patterns in a sport injury, and gives our St Albans patients an accurate diagnosis from the outset. The diagnosis ultimately influences the types of osteopathy and sport therapy we recommend for each individual case.


Need Help with a Sports Injury?


Irrespective of whether you compete as a keen amateur or play the game to a professional level, osteopaths play a more vital role than ever in diagnosing, treating and preventing sports injury. We’ve treated cases from sportspersons from St Albans at club, national and international level, and provide ongoing sports therapy for footballers, cricketers, rugby players, cyclists, swimmers and those who regularly participate in racquet sports.


The ultimate goal of our osteopaths is to provide our St Albans patients with structured sports therapy that not only pinpoints the problems, but which also primes the body for future performance without ongoing worries over recurring sports injury. The Watford Injury Clinic uses osteopathy to repair your body today, and to prepare it for the rigours and challenges that lie ahead – no matter which sport you happen to compete in.


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