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Anybody participating in regular activity or competition knows how common sports injury can be. For many of the St Albans patients who visit the Watford Injury Clinic, the bumps, bruises and stains associated with sport feel inevitable. In the modern age, osteopathy plays an important role in the reconditioning process, and many professional sporting clubs now have one or more osteopaths working full-time as a part of their teams.


Not all of our patients from the St Albans area compete to a level where their clubs cover the cost of sports therapy, but they still have access to modern osteopathy treatments when they visit Mark Rapa and the specialists at the Watford Injury Clinic.


Osteopaths, particularly those working for professional clubs, do much more than just work with sports injury. They also help athletes to maintain their optimum physical condition, and ease the types of discomfort that could grow from being little more than a niggle to a full-blown injury that could rule a competitive sportsperson out of participation for months.


Typical sports therapy treatments provided by the osteopaths at the Watford Injury Clinic, less than 30 minutes away from St Albans, cover problems with strains, sprains, swelling and bruising – conditions which diversely affect the tendons, muscles and ligaments. Osteopathy also covers the bones and skin tissues for broader solutions to sports injury.


Osteopathy in Sport – A Preventative Measure


Our osteopaths teach athletes from the St Albans area to view osteopathy and sports therapy as a preventative as well as a reactive measure. Keep the body working optimally when fit, and athletes reduce the potential for sports injury in the future. Even something as simple as establishing effective warm-up and cool-down routines optimises the muscles for loose performance ahead of competition, and relaxes them immediately afterwards.


Some forms of sports injury occur through prolonged strain on a single muscle or tendon. This is why the symptoms of tennis elbow, as an example, are so common. Our clinic near St Albans provides osteopathy and sports therapy for all racquet sports, and also helps patients with similar ailments caused by gardening, playing an instrument or typing.


Our osteopaths offer their experience and advice in a clinic setting, but the stretching and strengthening routines associated with sports therapy are simple to follow from home.


Some of the most common forms of sport injury encountered by our osteopaths stem from long distance running, where continuous impact to the body causes tendon inflammation, shin splints and aching, especially in the hamstring and back areas. We help patients from the St Albans area with sports therapy treatments that stretch and recondition their muscles, and recommend continued osteopathy on both a preventative and reactive basis.


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