Mark Rapa and his team are qualified specialists providing osteopathy and sports therapy treatments for patients in Watford and the surrounding Hertfordshire area. Originally discovered in 1874 by Dr Andrew Taylor-Still, the practice of osteopathy enjoys widespread use and acclaim on both a national and international basis.


Under most circumstances, osteopaths diagnose and treat problems from a clinic but occasionally, they may recommend further investigative examinations such as blood pressure testing, x-rays, scans and urine analysis.  At Mark Rapa Osteopathic and Sports Injury Clinic, we always request permission before liaising with general practitioners or other medical specialists in Watford or the surrounding areas.





If you have a sports injury, or if you feel regular pain caused by the stresses and exertions of everyday life, call today to arrange a fast consultation. We provide relaxing, understanding care to instantly put you at ease. During your first osteopathy consultation, which lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, we’ll find out more about your case history, your lifestyle, current medication, your family medical history and your general health and well-being.


Osteopaths establish key information so they can provide or recommend the most suitable course of treatment or sports therapy. The more help and information we receive, the better the chances we have of diagnosing the most appropriate remedy for patients in Watford and all surrounding parts of the Hertfordshire area.





Examinations comprise of orthopaedic testing where we assess the amount of motion in joints, test muscular definition and provide a full appraisal using other practices typically related to your condition. Sometimes, we may provide or recommend specialist testing if we feel it is required to alleviate pain or could help with a sports injury.


Please note that you may need to undress to underwear based on where you are feeling pain and discomfort. We provide towels so that you’ll always feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease during osteopathy examinations at the Watford Injury Clinic.





During an assessment, osteopaths encourage patients to ask as many questions as they like. We feel that all patients should have a complete understanding of the procedures osteopaths use and if you’re uncertain about anything, Mark Rapa or a member of his specialist team will answer all of your questions patiently and in full.


Once a diagnosis is made and a suitable remedy has been proposed, osteopaths will ask you to sign a consent form and create a schedule so that the osteopathy or sports therapy treatments can begin. Treatments at the Watford Injury Clinic are suited to all common conditions including sports injury, and can be scheduled to fit in around your schedule.


Contact the Watford Injury Clinic on 01923 442596 to discuss osteopathy and sports therapy with a certificated professional.


Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 0DY


Telephone: 01923 442596

Mobile: 07833 685822

Email: info@osteosportsmed.co.uk

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